Family owned and operated since 1994!
Providing full line vending and coffee service for workplace and housing facilities throughout the Kansas City area.

Welcome to Class Act Vending!

Class Act Vending is a family owned and operated full line vending service, serving the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our vending services include snack, can and/or bottle cold beverages, coffee/hot drink, cold food, frozen food and office coffee service.

Class Act Vending realizes that not all accounts are the same. For this reason communication is the key to making our services work for you. Below is a list of methods we use to encourage continued communication with our customers.

  • Location Menu Planners -
    Let's your employee's/patrons tell us what they want in the vending machines by surveying their top product choices. Typically used during initial set up of your account but can be used at any time as changes occur.

  • Customer Suggestion/Refund Slips -
    These slips are placed in a clear pocket on the vending machines and allow users to communicate with us directly problems they may have experienced, vending refund requests, products they would like, or any other information that may help us better serve them. The slips are picked up during regular servicing times by one of our family member route drivers.

  • Telephone Communication (816) 356-2221 -
    We encourage customers to call with information regarding any malfunction of the machine so we are able to quickly respond and get the machine back to full service. Our number can also be used to contact any one of our family member employees with questions, concerns or comments. Please always feel free to leave a message and your call will be returned.

  • Email Communication -
    For those who enjoy the ease of using email feel free to email us at with questions, concerns or comments.

The success of our business has been greatly obtained through open communication with our customers. We encourage your locations' feedback and input so that we are able to meet your company's needs and expectations.